Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Orphan Keeper ~ review

"Seven-year-old Chellamuthu's life is forever changed when he is kidnapped from his village in India, sold to a Christian orphanage, and then adopted by an unsuspecting couple in the United States.  It takes months before the boy can speak enough English to tell his parents that he already has a family back in India.  Horrified, they try their best to track down his Indian family, but all avenues lead to dead ends.
Meanwhile, they simply love him, change his name to Taj, enroll him in school, and make him part of their family.  And his story might have ended there had it not been for the persistent questions in his head:  Who am I? Why was I taken?  How do I get home?  
More than a decade later, Taj meets Priya, a girl from southern India with surprising ties to his past.  Is she the key to unveil the secrets of his childhood or is it too late?  And if he does make it back to India, how will he find his family with so few clues?" (this portion taken from the inside of the jacket cover)

The Orphan Keeper by Cameron Wright is a novel based on a true story.  I became interested in the book when I watched this short documentary over a month ago:

I enjoyed reading this book and found it to be very moving.  From watching the documentary, I knew some of the back story and knew that reading the book was going to be different because it is a novel.  If you want to go on a journey of finding oneself, this story is for you.  An interesting fact:  Taj and I went to the same High School and we are from the graduating class of 1990.  I didn't know Taj very well in school, but I do know that he was popular among all the students. 

(Disclaimer:  I was not asked to give an opinion of this book by the author.  The opinions are my own and I was not compensated by anyone.)

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