Friday, January 6, 2017

Reading Scriptures

Everyday I take time to read my scriptures.  I usually read my scriptures at night and before I read anything my current book that I am reading for the 2017 Reading Challenge that I am participating in.

I have a routine when I read scriptures and I thought I would share it here...

Before I start reading, I say a small prayer. This helps me to get focused on the words that I will be reading.

The first thing I read is a daily devotional from:

This book is full of 365 a day for an entire year.  I started reading this over a month ago and I have to say that the devotionals are thought provoking and inspiring.  There are scripture references at the end of each devotional that I read from the KJV Bible.

I then read a couple of chapters from the Old Testament of the KJV Bible.

I am currently reading 1 Chronicles and working my way through the Old Testament.

Finally, I read from the Book of Mormon/Doctrine and Covenants/Pearl of Great Price.

I just completed Doctrine and Covenants and will be starting Pearl of Great Price.

Do I take notes on my reading?  In a way I do.  I underline scriptures that 'pop out' at me and I will write a few words in the margins to remind me why they 'popped'.

This is what I do on a daily basis.  On Sundays I do a little bit more as I like to revisit any scriptures that were discussed or mentioned/referenced during church services (Sacrament, Sunday School, Relief Society).

Do you study scriptures?  If so, what is your routine?

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