Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Critters in the Neighborhood

Living in the woods, you tend to share your surroundings with wild critters.  Each year I like to keep track of the many visitors that roam in our yard.  Yesterday we had our first visitor of the year...a bobcat.  This bobcat is more than likely the same one that visited us a couple of months ago.  I saw it then...just a side view and he/she was beautiful, even though it got some of our birds for dinner.

Fast forward to yesterday...This guy/gal (bobcat) was a bit hungry and decided to help itself to our birds and ducks.  He/She got one of each.   Our bird count is down to 13...1 duck, 1 rooster, and 11 hens.

Living in the woods and raising chickens/ducks, you are bound to lose a few birds.  Our kids are learning about life and death and how to cope with loss. 

What kind of critters do you see in your yard?

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