Monday, September 19, 2016

Scripture Sunday on Monday...again

Yesterday was the Primary Program during Sacrament meeting.  This was Sam's last year to be in the program.  Next week Sam will be starting Young Women's and she is a bit nervous and excited at the same time. 
I didn't go to Sunday School (2nd hour), but I did go to Relief Society (3rd hour).  In RS the topic of discussion was about family.  We also reviewed the Family Proclamation during the discussion. 
I don't have a scripture from church to share, but I do have one from my scripture reading that I did during the 2nd hour:

"Therefore, whosoever repenteth, and hardeneth not his heart, he shall have claim on mercy through mine Only Begotten Son, unto a remission of his sins; and these shall enter into my rest." ~ Alma 12:34

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