Saturday, July 16, 2016

Wrap-up Week 2

This week was pretty good in the lessons department.  There was one sick day and a couple of evening lessons were skipped, but the kids still managed to to get most of their work completed...

Here is a look at Week 2:

Bible Time - The kids read from Genesis 6 to 10

Reading - Samantha and Nickolas completed their assigned readings and book reports.  They are now reading Gathering Blue (Samantha) and The Giver (Nick)...both by Lois Lowry. 

Language Arts - Life of Fred: Australia was completed this week.  I didn't realize that it would only take two weeks to complete...guess I need to order the next book in the series.  Until that order gets placed and arrives, I will probably generate some language arts exercises for the kids to work on.

Zoology - Nick completed Lesson 6 and has started Lesson 7 in the Swimming Creatures book and Sam just completed Lesson 7 in the Flying Creatures book.

Geography - This week Sam learned about Germany and Nick learned about Russia.

Vocabulary - This week's words were:  prohibit, obtain, communicate, efficient and harvest

Math - Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra with Biology - Chapters 5 to 7. 

History - Mystery of History Vol 2 - finished up reviewing Lessons 1 - 3.  We also did some mapping exercises about Paul's Journeys from the Book of Acts

Fallacy Detective - Lessons on Love to Listen and Opposing Viewpoints

Dude, Don't Be A Lemuel - completed Lesson 1 and started Lesson 2

Life Lessons - This week, Nick mowed the lawn for the first time.  He had a blast!!!!  Sam also helped by doing some raking...unfortunately she came down with a cold mixed with seasonal allergies. 

Today is Library Day as well as the Summer Reading Program.  This is Sam's last year to participate and the kids are looking forward to seeing their friends.

Another good week!

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