Friday, July 8, 2016

Week 1 Wrap-up

This week, the kids started their 2016/2017 homeschool year.  We have an 8th grader and a 6th grader...where has the time gone!!!
Wrapping up the first week, here is what the kids worked on/learned...

Bible Time - They read the first 5 chapters in Genesis.  (Last year, the kids read through the Book of Mormon and this year they have chosen to read the Bible (King James Version))

Reading - at least 1/2 hour daily.  Nick and Sam will be reading assigned books for book reports.  Right now, Nick is reading The Outsiders and Sam is reading The Giver.

Life of Fred :Australia - this is a language arts curriculum and so far the kids are enjoying it.  They worked on chapters 1 to 10.  The rate they are going, the book will be finished next week. (Looks like I need to order the 2nd book in the series)

Science - Both kids are finishing up their Zoology that was left over from the 2015/2016 year.  They have about 5 chapters left.  Nick is learning about Sea Creatures/Animals living in the water. Sam is learning about Flying Creatures.

Geography - Country Reports - This was an idea from do country reports throughout the year.  This week, Nick learned about Italy and Sam learned about Canada.

Vocabulary - As the kids were working on their year end evaluations, I noticed that they needed some help with vocabulary.  I gave the kids 5 words to work on this week:  Liberty, equal, pursuit, creation, and respect.  They used the 1828 Dictionary to look up the definitions of the words, they used the words in sentences, they used a Thesaurus to find alternate words that mean the same thing, they alphabetized the words, and wrote out the words at least 5 times each.

Math - Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra with Biology - Chapter 1 to 4.  So far so good.

History - Mystery of History: Vol 2 - Lessons 1 to 3.  The kids learned about Pentecost, Saul, who was also called Paul, and Paul's Missionary Journeys.  The time span for these were from A.D 33 - 66.  The kids also worked on the memory cards for these lessons. 

Logic - Fallacy Detective - Lesson 1: Inquiring Minds.  We started this last year but did not finish.  The kids were happy that we started the Fallacy Detective again and they are looking forward to finishing the book this year.

Dude, Don't Be A Lemuel -Lesson 1 focused on 1 Nephi 2.  We will be working in the lesson next week as well.

One thing I want to mention...last year a time limit was put on the kids to have their lessons and chores done.  The results of the time limit were not very good.  So, this year I decided not to have time limits and allow the kids to work at their own pace.  Even though this is the first week, I can already see improvements.  Why I didn't think of this last year is totally beyond me!

All in all, it has been a very productive week.

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