Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Things have calmed down quite a bit, especially work related stuff.  I have been able to take a deep breath and clear my head. 
As far as lessons for the kids...this is an off week for them but lately, they have been studying/learning/reading the following:

Book of Mormon - 1 chapter everyday.  Both Nick and Sam are almost finished...just a few more books to go (Mormon, Ether and Moroni)

1/2 hour reading everyday - This is a free choice of reading and I have to say that I am very pleased with their selections (chapter books!)

Zoology 2: Under Water Creatures: Samantha has completed this book and will be starting Zoology 1: Flying Creatures next week.

Zoology 3: Land Creatures:  Nick has completed this book and will be starting Zoology 2: Under Water Creatures next week as well.

Daily Grams 5 and 7:  Both Nick and Sam have been working in these work books and do a page a day.  They will more than likely complete their workbooks before we end our 2015/2016 year.

Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 0 with Physics:  We are steadily working in this book and hope to complete it by the end of April. (I have a strong feeling that we will)

Mystery of History Vol 1.- still working in this book for over 2 years now.  We are in Qtr.4 and I am really hoping that we complete this book by the end of April.  Both Nick and Sam aren't as enthused about this curriculum, but they know we are going to finish it.

We did do Jump-in for a while (writing curriculum), but I haven't pulled it out yet.  Perhaps next week...not sure yet.

This is what the kids have been up to lately...

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