Saturday, October 10, 2015

185th Semiannual General Conference ~ Day 2

I meant to post this earlier in the week but alas, time slipped away...Below is the summary of the Sunday sessions...

Sunday Morning:

President Thomas S. Monson - Let your light shine with the following attributes: Bee good examples in word and conversation, charity = pure love of Christ, example in spirit = kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, and good will  (radiate light of Christ), example of faith = faith and doubt cannot exist at the same time (communicate with Heavenly Father by reading, studying and pondering the scriptures), be pure in body, mind and spirit.

Ronald A. Rasband - (newly called apostle).  The Lord has said Love one another as I have love you.

Gary E. Stevenson (newly called apostle) Testimony

Dale G. Renlund - (newly called apostle) To help/serve others, we must see them through Heavenly Father's eyes.

Russell M. Nelson - Impact of covenant keeping women of the Church.  Women of LDS Church are distinct and different from other women of the world.  Virtue, life love and knowledge will draw good women and families to church.  Kingdom of God cannot be complete without women.

Gregory A Schwitzer - True disciples represent the Lord, even when it is not convenient or comfortable.  Iron rod = word of God.  Tree of Life = Love of God.

Claudio R. M. Costa - Teaching about Christ.  Studying stories about Christ. 3John 1:4.  Teaching to children about Christ

Henry B. Eyring - Claim the gift of Holy Ghost.  Constant influence of Spirit of Truth.  Constant quest to have Spirit with us.  Need constant companionship of Holy Ghost.  Hearts need to be full of charity.  Act on promptings - seeds of faith will grow.

Sunday Afternoon:

D. Todd Christofferson - Jesus is chief cornerstone of Church.  Jesus established Church with prophets, apostles, etc.  Preach good news of Jesus Christ and administer ordinance of salvation.  Church - community of saints to encourage one another.  Jesus Christ is author and finisher of faith. Learn divine doctrine as well as experience it.  We are all on the same journey.  Repentance is individual, fellowship is in Church.  Church and family work with each other.  Gospel path and Gospel covenants essential.  Church is kingdom of God on the earth.

Devin G. Durrant - Spiritual principles.  Two things to do each week:  save money and ponder one scripture per week.  Ponderize the scripture (ponder 80% memorize 20%) as this will give deeper understanding of gospel principles.  Exercise faith, discipline yourself.

Von G. Keetch - Commands and loving guidance given to use from God to keep us from danger.  Exercise faith and put trust in God.  Obey commandments.  We become more of what God wants us to become.  God wants us to have joy, peace and to be safe.

Carole M. Stephens - Get back on road to obedience to God. If ye love me, keep my commandments, trust God, trust Jesus, trust whisperings of Spirit, and trust the council of Living Prophets.

Allen D. Haynie - We have to be clean to enter the kingdom.  Confess our sins and repent.  He understands all perfectly.  Hope to live with Heavenly Father depends on atonement of Jesus Christ.

Kim B. Clark - Live plain and simple truths of Gospel.  We need greater spiritual power.  Open hearts and truly receive Jesus Christ and His doctrine into our lives.  Simple obedience brings the Spirit into our hearts.

Koichi Aoyagi - Why are we given trials?  Plan of Salvation, put God first, Faith in Christ.

David A. Bednar - Lessons of a lifetime from authorities (prophets and apostles).

All four sessions, Saturday and Sunday, were spectacular.  I learned many wonderful lessons and enjoyed every talk.  I am looking forward to receiving the Ensign (church magazine) next month so I can re-read the talks and learn more.

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