Saturday, October 12, 2013

What we have been up to...

  • Nick and Sam have been working on copywork, spelling and reading on a daily basis.  It is their responsibility to work on these three things everyday, or at least during the week.  They know that they have to get this done before doing any computer time/movie time.
  • At night, after I get home from work, the kids and I have been working in 'Life of Fred - Farming'.  This past week we took a break from math but will pick it up next week.
  • We started reading 'Wisdom with the Millers'.  This book is about a family that is reading through the Book of Proverbs and each chapter focuses on different Proverbs. (I don't remember the author's name because at this moment I can't find the book)
  • Chicks, Chicks, Chicks, Chicks, Chicks, Chicks, Chicks, and Chicks!  Everyday, the kids take care of the chicks by feeding, watering and cleaning out their little house (bin).  The chicks are now over 2 weeks old and getting big.
  • Last Sunday, the kids and I went to the Fire and Ambulance Open House.  The kids toured the fire and ambulance equipment, did some activities that involved crawling and rolling on the floor and met Smokey the Bear.  
  • Visited the local libraries - Grafton and Canaan.  
  • Scott has been tinkering with his truck - getting it ready for inspection.  
  • I have been working, as usual, and things are starting to get busy again with tax season and budget season.  

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend :)

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