Friday, October 25, 2013

Week of Randoms

  • Nick had his orthodontist appointment on Wednesday and he is now looking forward to November 26th when he gets his braces off and gets a retainer!!!  He has had them on since February 2012.
  • I renewed my driver's license and was able to pass my eye test without my glasses.  This is a first since I was in my early 20's.
  • The chicks are growing at a fast rate.  We are certain that we have 3 Roos and 4 Hens.  The 8th one, 'Beaky', we are not sure.  'Beaky' is growing at a slower rate because of health problems and is not a developed as the others.  But I do have to say that 'GoldenRod', a roo, is very protective of 'Beaky'.
  • Sam is expanding her reading to more non-fiction and is learning a lot. Just recently, she started reading about Anne Frank.  I am expecting a lot of questions once Sam is finished reading 'Who Was Anne Frank?'
  • Scott finally got 'Little Red' (that is the name of his truck) registered and inspected.  Some body work had to be done to get it up to par. Now we have at least a winter vehicle to rely on if it is too icy/snowy for me to drive 'puddles' (car) to work.

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