Friday, October 4, 2013

One Week Old Pics of the Chicks

 "Robin" hiding behind the feeder

 This little one (not yet named) was about to take a drink of water

 Group shot #1 - "Robin" is in the corner, "GoldenRod" is standing near the date stamp, the other two are not yet named.

Group shot #2 (see below) was taken with a flash.  Oh, the chicks did not like that at all.  But you can really see the coloring of them.  

 "Licorice" taking a drink. 

Aren't the wing feathers beautiful?

"Cuddles" is adorable.  This little one likes to sit on my hand and cuddle.  It also likes to climb up my arm too!  Very very friendly :)

Sam and Nick have been cleaning out the box that the chicks are staying in.  They also water and feed the chicks daily.  It is great to see them involved in this whole process.


  1. Thanks for sharing your blog! The chicks are so cute, and I love the "Reading Lists! Sharon

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Sharon! Was good to see you today :)