Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Random Post

  1. Because of the beautiful cool weather, Sam and I got a little bit of the baking bug.  Sam made, with the help of Jiffy, cornbread muffins.  Sam and I, with the help of Fleischmans, made soft pretzels.
  2. I learned a very good lesson - when driving down the road listening to a good song on the radio, don't take a big gulp of hot can burn the inside of your throat.  Not a smart move on my part.
  3. The afternoon was spent relaxing to a couple of Harry Potter movies
  4. Dinner was yummy tonight - Chicken Cordon Bleu, Mashed Potatoes and fresh Green Beans.  To top off a great
  5. Listening to Nick and Sam reading to each other.  Nothing is sweeter than this moment in time.
  6. Blackie does not like the smell of bleach and he lets me know in a very not so nice way.  I think I figured out why. The vet uses bleach to clean off the tables after each animal visit.  The smell of bleach must trigger some sort of bad memory for Blackie.  Poor little boo boo kitty :(
  7. Getting the minutes done from work!!!!  Just a few little things that need to be touched up, but I got them done!!!
   Have a great rest of the weekend.

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