Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Year, Week 1 to Week 6 Review

June 3, 2013 was our first day of the 2013/2014 homeschool year.  Grade wise, Nick is in 5th grade and Sam is in 3rd grade.  This year of learning is a mixture of Charlotte Mason, delight directed, and unschool rolled in to one. Before the beginning of this new year, we sat down as a family and discussed how the days would flow.  The following is the plan and so far it is working:
  • During the day with dad,while I am at work, Nick and Sam will work on spelling (dvd program), copywork, reading for history (if mom asks) and personal reading.  Both Nick and Sam will also have time to focus on their individual interests
  • Night, after I get home from work and after dinner, Nick and Sam will work on history and math with me.
Our schedule is 6 weeks on 1 week off.  This week we are off, but the last 6 weeks Nick and Sam have learned and/or worked on the following:
  • Copywork - scriptures, quotes, or a couple of sentences each day from their personal reading.  I feel it is important for Nick and Sam to work on their handwriting and they are learning sentence structure at the same time.
  • Spelling - Both Nick and Sam are using Sequential Spelling disc 1.  They are working at their own pace and are doing a very good job.  Pretty soon they will be using disc 2, after I order it ;)
  • Personal Reading - this year, I have set a goal for both Nick and read at least one chapter book per month.  They read many books throughout the week (picture books, math story books, non-fiction books, etc.) as well as a chapter book.  Right now, Nick and Sam are reading the Harry Potter books. Sam has finished 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone' and Nick finished 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.'  Sam is currently reading 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' and Nick is currently reading 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'.  Nick is re-reading the books in random order and if you have been following my blog, you will know that I read the whole Harry Potter series to the kids.
  • History - We are studying 'America's Story' volume 1.  This is a Charlotte Mason type history where I read and the kids have to narrate back to me.  They also have history journals that they use for each chapter.  So far, Nick and Sam have learned about the early Native Americans, the Vikings, Christopher Columbus, explorers like DeSoto, Vespucci, De Leon, Cabot and Coronado, the 'Cittie of Raleigh' also known as the 'Lost City of Raleigh', Jamestown, Plymouth, the Pilgrims and The Mayflower. A long with history, the kids have also learned a bit of geography.  They learned where Italy, Spain, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, England, Holland, Jamestown, VA and Plymouth, MA are located.
  • Math - This year for math, the kids are doing another Charlotte Mason type learning.  They are using 'Book Store Math' from Simply Charlotte Mason.  You know it is a good math program when your children are excited to do math!  The concept of this math program is running a book store for a whole year, from start-up to year-end.  Nick and Sam have had to order inventory, figure out pricing for the books, fill out orders, learn to write checks for bills (rent, phone, trash, electric, etc), figure out sales tax, keep a running log of inventory sold and replenishing stock, debits and credits, and find out if they either had a profit or loss at the end of each month.  Like spelling, Nick and Sam are working at their own pace.  When we start up our next 6 week block, Sam will be finishing up the month of May and Nick will be starting the month of May.  (here is a little secret:  I am also doing the book store math. I wanted to join in the fun too)
  • Delight Directed/Unschool - In no particular order, Nick and Sam have also been doing the following each day:  sewing (Sam), computer time (both), lego building (Nick), reading (both), cooking/baking (Sam), watch movies (both), arts and crafts (both), summer reading program - ongoing for the month of July (both), play games like go-fish, yahtzee, etc (both), shooting range and gun safety with dad (both), planted a vegetable garden (both), writing a chapter book (Sam), Lego Club at the Library (both), field trip to the Grafton Historical Museum and to Critters and Creatures show.
The first six weeks have been fun for all of us.  Here's to a good year of 'Living and Learning' :)

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