Saturday, May 18, 2013

Summer Break and Starting to Plan

Now that Nick and Sam are starting their 3rd week of summer break, I am gearing up for their 2013/2014 year.  They will be doing a lot of learning together, meaning that they will be on the same level in certain subject areas.  This year, Nick and Sam will be learning and doing projects that coincide with everyday living.  I am still working on a few items but one of the projects that is planned has to do with math.

Math has always been a struggle for both Nick and Sam in various ways.  They are both good at the subject, but they find it boring doing daily worksheets.  They enjoy counting money and figuring out how much to save for specific purchases.  Living math is something I have been wanting to incorporate and when I saw this, I couldn't resist. I knew it was a great fit for Nick and Sam. I purchased the book store and pet shop business math.  For the first half of our year, the kids will be managing their own book stores and if all goes well, the second half of the year they will manage their own pet shops.

Reading daily is also something that Nick and Sam will be doing.  This is one area where I don't have to plan :) 

Arts and Crafts will be incorporated with history, nature study, math, etc.

Writing and History are the two things that I am still working on and will be finishing up those plans in the next week or so. Stay tuned for an update of sorts :)

Delight Directed will be up to Nick and Sam :)

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