Thursday, May 30, 2013

History and Writing Plans for 2013/2014

Now that our summer break is almost over, I thought I would post about our plans for history and writing. I blogged a bit about our plans here.
This year, I have decided to use A Living History of Our World:  America's Story Volume1. I already had it on hand from last year but we never got around to using it.  So this year, the kids will be learning about Ancient America through the Gold Rush.  They will be working on mini-reports, mapping/geography, social studies and a bit of writing.

Which brings me to our writing plans.  Writing will take place during the history lessons, copy work of various scriptures, readings, etc and with Sequential Spelling.

The weekly schedule will be some what different this year.  The kids will be working on spelling, copy work and assigned reading during the day and at night the kids will be working on math and history.  Math and History lessons will be on alternate day math and the next day history.

Here's to a great 2013/2014 year(which begins June 3rd)!!!

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