Friday, April 5, 2013

Lessons Update

I have not written any lesson updates the last few weeks.  For several Friday's I have been meaning to post updates and have been sidetracked.  Such is life.

April is our last month of the 2012/2013 school year.  We are winding down lessons and the kids will be taking year end exams.  They will probably take them the last week of April/beginning week of May.

With that said, the kids have been working on the following:
  • MATH:  I leave this up to Nick and Sam.  They choose the worksheets that they want to do and leave them for me to look over when I get home from work.  Both Nick and Sam have been reading various Math books (Sir Cumference, Pythagoras, etc.)
  • READING:  Nick and Sam read on a daily basis from various books
  • HANDWRITING:  Sam has been working on her cursive and has been writing letters to her grandparents.  Nick will write when he feels like creating a story
  • READ ALOUD:  I have started this up again.  I have read the first two Harry Potter books and just beginning the read the third book to the kids.  We are enjoying this time together
  • ART:  Nick has started drawing again.  His subject has been pirates.
  • SEWING:  Sam has been designing and sewing clothes for her stuffies
  • LIBRARY:  Every Saturday we visit our favorite library and meet up with our friends.  The library is starting up a Lego Club and the kids are excited to create designs with their friends.
How has your week been?

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