Friday, March 8, 2013

Looking Back at the Last Couple of Weeks

The last time I did a 'looking back' post, it was week 29.  Well, that was about 3 weeks ago.  In those 3 weeks, the kids had a little over 1 week off.  So with that said, I believe we are up to week 31. 

Nick and Sam were doing the following:
  • Math:  worked on individual worksheets and finished up 'Life of Fred: Edgewood'.  They also started 'Life of Fred: Farming'.  Sam has been reading 'You Can Count on Monsters' by Richard Evan Schwartz.  This is a fun math book that literally helps children learn to multiply and Sam is having many 'a-ha' moments :)
  • Reading:  both Nick and Sam are reading on a daily basis, both chapter books and picture books.  I have no complaints about their reading...well, ok I have one...I would love to see them read more.
  • Computer Time:  This is still a daily occurrence.
  • Vocabulary Cartoons:  Nick does this more than Sam, which is quite alright with me.  
  • Writing:  Sam does this more than Nick.  She likes to write letters to her grandparents and loves to play 'Post Office' with our family.  
  • Play:  Nick and Sam have been playing with their Legos everyday.  Their creativity amazes me!
  • Arts and Crafts:  Nick has been getting back into drawing after taking about a month break.  Sam has been playing with fabric creating parachutes, blankets and clothes for her stuffies
  • Activities (errands) with Dad:  Grocery Shopping, Automotive Parts Shopping, Discussing News Events (social studies)

 We are starting to wind down our school year and have less than 8 weeks left.  Where has the time gone?

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