Sunday, February 3, 2013

Confession and another First

The Confession:

The last time I set foot inside a church was the day Scott and I got married. which was in 2001.  The reason, well...there are a few personal reasons that I won' get into at this time.  I have not been able to talk myself into attending a church.

Ever since Nick and Sam were born, I have been wanting to take them to church but have not found a church to go to nor have I really been looking.  We do have the 'What's in the Bible?' dvd's and a few other bible dvd's that are watched quite often.  We have also read several stories from the Bible.  But I know that is not enough...

Another First:

Some friends of ours invited us to attend their twin daughter's baptism.  Nick and Sam really wanted to go and I felt this would be a good opportunity to make baby steps in introducing the kids to church.  Today was the baptism.  The minister had all the children be part of the baptism (basically let the children sit near the baptismal font), which I thought was a great idea.  Nick and Sam were able to witness the infant baptism up close. 

During the church service, communion was served.  All were welcome to participate and Samantha asked if she could.  I, of course, said yes and explained to her what it meant.  I stayed with Nickolas, as he did not feel comfortable taking communion.

The church service lasted about an hour and both Nick and Sam did a great job.  They have asked me if we can go to church again and I told them that it would be a good possibility.  Not sure if it will be the same church, but I will put more effort into finding one for us.

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