Thursday, January 17, 2013

Falling Angels - review

"January 1901, the day after Queen Victoria's death: Two families visit neighboring graves in a fashionable London cemetery.  One is decorated with a sentimental angel, the other an elaborate urn.  Separated by social class as well as taste, the Waterhouses cling to traditions while the Colemans look ahead to a more modern society.  The families are inextricably linked when their two girls meet behind the tombstones and become friends - and worse, become involved with the gravedigger's impetuous son.
As the girls grow up and the new century begins, as cars replace horses and electricity outshines gas lighting, the nation emerges from the shadow of oppressive Victorian values to a golden Edwardian summer.  It is then that the beautiful, frustrated Mrs. Coleman makes a bid for greater personal freedom, with disastrous consequences, and the lives of the Colemans and the Waterhouses are changed forever." (taken from inside the book cover)

I checked out 'Falling Angels' by Tracy Chevalier from our local library and found it to be an interesting read.  I was familiar with the authors writing because I read 'Girl With A Pearl Earring' last year and knew that I would probably enjoy this one.  I have to honestly say that I was not as impressed by 'Falling Angels' as I was with 'Girl With A Pearl Earring.'  I liked the writing style, but was a little annoyed with a couple of the characters...a mother that doesn't really acknowledge her daughter and a girl that feels it is her duty to try and blackmail her friend's parents.

If you enjoy reading historical fiction, I recommend this book for you.

(disclaimer:  I checked this book out from the library and this is my own personal review) 

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