Friday, December 28, 2012


At the beginning of this year, I made a list of goals for my children and myself.
  • Nick and Sam to read at least 1 chapter book per month.  
  • Read Scriptures Daily
  • Learn at least 1 new thing a day
  • Move upstairs to new living space
  • Open an Etsy shop.
How did we do?

  • Nick and Sam exceeded their goal.  I couldn't be more pleased with their reading and I am so happy that they enjoy books.  Nick's choices have been more non-fiction/biography books...'Who Was/Is books.  He has also read some fiction books as well.  Sam read quite a few Magic Tree House books and is starting to challenge herself with higher grade level books.
  • Read Scriptures Daily...I had good intentions on this one.  I did not fulfill this goal but will be trying again in 2013.
  • Learn at least 1 new thing a day....I used to keep track of this, but I was trying to hard to learn something new and my goal was to let the learning happen naturally.  So, yes...this goal was not a successful one either.
  • Move upstairs to new living reason prohibited this from happening.  Hoping and praying this will happen sometime in 2013.
  • Open an Etsy shop...a goal that should never have been made.  Right now I do not have the time to craft and perhaps one of these days/years it will happen, but the time is not now.
Have I thought of any goals for 2013?  You bet.  I have been thinking about goals and what I would like to accomplish in 2013.  The following are a few things that I have in mind for goals.
  1. Nick and Sam to continue their reading goal.  
  2. Be a mentor to my children instead of a homeschool mom.  
  3. Nick and Sam to expand their interests
  4. Read Scriptures Daily with Nick and Sam
  5. Would like to work from home - not sure if this is classified as a goal, but it is something that I have been thinking about.
  6. Move upstairs to new living space - another repeat from 2012, but oh I do hope it is an accomplished goal for 2013.
The list will be finalized by Jan 1st. and posted on my sidebar.

Do you have any goals for 2013?  Share them in the comments...

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