Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wrap-up Week 13

This week we began our next block of lessons.  The kids did lessons for 3 days due to Monday's trip home and Tuesday's trip to the orthodontist.

MATH:  Nick did pretty good after having a week off.  He did struggle with the borrowing on one of his lessons.  This particular lesson was borrowing from two place values instead of one.  Other than that, he did pretty good.  Sam only did 2 lessons this week.  I have a feeling that she looks at the whole page instead of one problem at a time.  She needs more one on one with either me or Scott.

COPY WORK:  Nick's handwriting this week was very good.  He was proud to show me his work and I hope this keeps us within the next 11 weeks.  Sam will be practicing her writing when she writes Grandma and Grandpa a letter.

READING:  Nick finally finished The Boxcar Children.  He told me that he really loved the book.  The great thing about his reading is that he comprehends what he reads and was able to tell me about the book hours after he read it.  Sam read misc library books and is doing great with her ability to pronounce difficult words.

DELIGHT DIRECTED:  This week the kids played outside (when it wasn't raining), played with lego's, colored, crafted, etc.

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