Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The last full month of summer is almost behind us.  August came in hot and humid and is leaving nice and cool.  A nice way to begin September.  August had many math lessons, copy work pages and reading for the kids.  They are ending August with a wonderful science project...caterpillar...to chrysalis...and will begin September with a beautiful monarch butterfly...pictures will come with the release of the butterfly...which has already been named "Lily".

August was also a month of building...as in the building project of 2011:

I would have added the inside pictures of the project, but tarps were all over the place due to Hurricane Irene.  Which, fortunately, did not cause any damage to our house. 

Speaking of Irene, the kids, Scott and I hung out all day, inside, watching movies.  It was nice being together.  We don't do that very often either.

August is also the month that Scott and I met.  11 years ago on August 20th, we met for the first time. Time sure does go by fast when you are having fun, or busy raising a family.

Farewell August... you have been good to us.

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