Saturday, August 20, 2016

A week of Rest???

The kids had a break from lessons this past week.  They played, read, played, made messes, played, watched some movies, played, used their imaginations, played and did some chores.  They had a good rest this week.

Scott and Mike (a local who is helping us with our house project) worked on Sam's room.  They insulated the walls, put electric in her room, placed plywood on her floor and put some sheet rock on the walls.  The house is slowly coming along.

As for me, work was work. Although today was the absolute auction.  It's always fun to be a part of this as it is one of the highlights of my job.  I enjoy watching the auctioneers and the people bidding.  A good time for all.

Was there any rest this week?  A little bit.  The kids are ready to get back to their regular scheduled too ;)

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