Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Twelve Random Things about Me

1) Clowns freak me out - I do not like them and will avoid them at all costs

2) Going to the Circus is not my idea of a fun time - see number 1.

3) I enjoy putting puzzles together.  I have 4 that are waiting to be put together.

4) I have several books in a large pile waiting to be read.

5) I like eating ice-cream on very cold days

6) Chocolate is my friend, especially on days when my stress level is through the roof

7) I don't like birds but I think our chickens are quite adorable

8) I own 4 sewing machines and haven't used them in several years

9) I want to learn to crochet

10) Huge messes drive me crazy...ask my family!

11) I love cows

12) I enjoy reading out loud to my kids and they enjoy it too!!! 

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