Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Day One: I'm Grateful for...

(disclaimer:  I meant to start my own Gratitude Challenge on November 1st, but as they say...there is not time like the present :) )

...the following living people who have touched my life:

Leonard and Ruthanne - my parents. Their love, encouragement, and support have helped me throughout the years.

Phyllis - my sister.  We may not see eye to eye on things, but I do love her and admire her.

Dan - my brother.  The best big brother anyone could have.

Scott - my husband.  He is not only my husband, he is one of my best friends.  I am grateful that he answered my email :)

Nickolas - my son.  He enjoys sketching and can be quite imaginative.  I am grateful to be his mother.

Samantha - my daughter.  She enjoys arts and crafts and loves to get her brother involved in projects.   I am grateful to be her mother.

Trisha - my best friend.  I love my friend.  She is amazing.  I admire her and her family.

Annekke - My best friend's daughter.  If she had not gone on a mission, I probably would not have made an effort to talk to missionaries.

Miss Amy and Miss Nancy - librarians.  I am so grateful for the Canaan Town Library.  The librarians are wonderful, helpful, and welcoming to all.

Hailey (Sister Mayle) and Alee (Sister Crook) - sister missionaries.   These ladies are wonderful.  They have touched many lives, including our family's.

Janine - friend.  She has been able to fulfill a dream and I admire her strength and fortitude to carry out her dream.

Nephew, Nieces, Uncles, Aunts and Cousins...all extended family.  There are so many to list.  I am grateful for all of them.  I love them and miss them.

Who are you grateful for?

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