Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day Two: I am Grateful for...

...the following people that have touched my life but are no longer living:

Grandpa Quinn - I am grateful for you being a father figure to me while dad was serving overseas made our bond so special.   I can still hear your laughter and fingers tickling the piano keys.  You are missed.

Grandma Quinn - The love story between you and Grandpa is priceless.  I hope to emulate your love and kindness to others.

Grandpa and Grandma Skinner - I have fond memories of fudge ripple ice-cream, pepsi and playing in the irrigation.  The orchards I will always remember...fresh peaches, cherries, apples...YUM

Florence - for allowing me to adopt you as a grandmother.  I enjoyed hearing your stories.

Carol - the way you fought to see your family grow.

Uncle Larry - Love of your family.  You raised wonderful sons and I am so happy that I have them for cousins.  You fought a hard battle and I know that you are at peace.

Great Uncle Allen - Your sense of humor. Your love of genealogy.  I will always remember you working in your orchard and your delicious bread.

President Gordon B. Hinkley - You touched my life for the better.

All of the soldiers that have died to keep us free - you are my heroes.

Who are you grateful for that have touched your life but are no longer living?

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