Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Good, Busy Saturday

Saturdays are pretty busy around here.  Errands are usually an all day Saturday affair.  By the time evening comes around, I am exhausted.  Today was one of those days...but it was a good one.

This is how our day played out...

We left the house around 10am.  First errand stop of the day...Grafton Library.  Nick wanted to check out 'Incredible Hulk: Season 1'

After our stop at Grafton Library, we traveled to the Canaan.  We stopped in at the library,dropped off books, checked out a couple and then we walked around downtown Canaan because of the town wide yard sale.  We all purchased items that caught our eyes...I purchased 5 3-ring binders, Sam purchased a movie and 3 cookie cutters, Nick purchased a game for the PC and Scott purchased a new mouse for the computer and some ammo stuff.

Lunch was a family size of fries and soft drinks at the park.  The kids played at the park for a bit and then we headed back to the car and on to our next errand.

As we were driving to the grocery store, we happened upon an antique car show.  This unexpected find was a nice break to get out, walk around and see these amazing vehicles from time past.  From a 1908 Lomobile Dayrunner to a 1960ish VW Bug.  Guess what impressed the kids the most...the VW Bug. 

The grocery store was our last errand stop.  We shopped, loaded the car with our various munchies and drove home.  When we got home (around 3:30pm), the car was unloaded, the groceries put away and cleaning house commenced.

I started preparing dinner around 5:30pm and around 6pm we sat down to eat.  The dinner dishes were cleaned up, the table wiped down and our visitors arrived at 7pm.

Elder Jensen and Elder Iverson visited with use for about 1 1/2 hours.  We chatted about everyday stuff and then they gave a lesson that involved water, black pepper, dish detergent and 2 bowls.  The lesson was as follows:  The bowls were filled with water.  In one bowl, Elder Jensen poured some black pepper into the water.  The bowl with pepper represented the world with sin.  Nick and Sam were asked to stick one of their finger's into the bowl and lift that finger out.  Now their fingers had pepper on them.  The second bowl represent baptism.  The kids were then told to place their 'peppered' fingers into the second bowl.  When they lifted their fingers out of the bowl, their fingers were cleaned.  This represents what happens when you get baptized.  After baptism, you receive the holy ghost to help with keeping our ways from sin.  Elder Jensen then placed some soap on Nick and Sam's fingers that were 'baptized'.  Nick and Sam rubbed the soap around their fingers and then were asked to place those fingers in the pepper bowl and then lift their fingers out.  When Nick and Sam did this, their fingers were still clean and no pepper was seen on their fingers. 
This was a great lesson for them to see and understand how the holy ghost helps us in our lives.

The Elders left around 8:30pm and we got ready for bed.
The kids are now tucked in bed and I am finishing up this post.

Today was a good, busy Saturday :)

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