Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Finishing Up 2014/2015 Year

This week is the final week of Nick and Sam's 2014/2015 homeschool year. The kids are finishing up a few things and then year end testing will take place.  We are all looking forward to having the Month of May off to recharge and relax.

 Here is a recap of what Nick and Sam worked on/learned:

Life of Fred Math:  The kids finished up the elementary series, intermediate series and Fractions.  They did a fantastic job!

Mystery of History Vol 1:  The book is broken into 4 quarters (2 quarters per semester).  The kids completed the first two quarters about a month ago.

Science:  In January, the kids started with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures (Nick) and Zoology 3: Land Animals (Sam).  Nick has completed the first 10 chapters in his book and Sam completed the first 8 chapters in her book. 

Spelling: We started the year with Sequential Spelling 1.  This was a carry over from the previous year.  Once Sequential Spelling 1 was completed, the kids started and completed Sequential Spelling 2 this year.

Cover Story:  This is a writing program for middle-school aged students. I was hoping this would be a good curriculum for the kids but after about 6 weeks, the kids were not into it and became turned off with writing.  

Jump In:  This is another writing curriculum that we started in January.  Good News... both Nick and Sam enjoy this curriculum and are able to understand the instructions.  They completed two chapters and I am very pleased with the results.

Copy Work:  This school year, the kids worked on different passages from books, scriptures, etc.  I found most of the exercises on line and from their science journals.

Book of Mormon:  Nick and Sam have been reading daily from the Book of Mormon.  They started reading it back in October and have done a great job. 

Reading:  Each day, I require Nick and Sam to read at least 1/2 hour.  Each month, during the school year, I challenged them to read at least one chapter book.  Both Nick and Sam have met this challenge and ended up reading more than I expected.

Field Trips: We don't take too many field trips.  But this school year, the kids went on a couple of them.  The first field trip was to Wyoming (cousins wedding) and Oregon (visit grandma and grandpa.  The second field trip was to a sheep farm to visit new born lambs.  The third field trip, which is tomorrow, will be re-visiting the sheep farm to watch the mama's get sheared.

Library:  Every Saturday is library day where the kids visit friends, the librarians and have fun.

Free Time:  The kids had fun with Lego's, baking, cooking, playing with the chickens, knitting, playing games, reading, helping around the house, visiting friends, making new friends, and spending time with family.

2014/2015 has been a good year for all of us.  We learned a lot, had a few squabbles here and there, helped each other through difficult days and jumped with joy when 'a ha' moments came to fruition.  Thank you Nick and Sam for a great year!

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