Saturday, February 7, 2015

Not a Typical Saturday

A typical Saturday for our household is the following:  Grocery Shopping, Library Visits, Other Errands and Clean House.  Today was not a typical Saturday.  Why?  Well our town had its annual deliberative session.  This is a time for all town residents who are registered voters to come together to deliberate and possibly amend warrant articles that will be on the Ballot for the March vote.  This year's warrant has 36 articles.  To say that everything went smooth and orderly would be incorrect.  There was a lot of grandstanding, 'points of order', emotions, a lot of wasted time on most of the articles, and craziness.  The meeting started at 9am and ended at 7:15pm.  We left at 5:30pm (8 1/2 hour mark). 

While Scott and I were in the session, Nick and Sam volunteered to help with the Recreation Committee in the kitchen.  They helped to sell food and drinks.  They worked well with each other and with those on the Committee.   They got a first glimpse on how to run a food business.   A lot of washing hands and keeping the dining area clean.

If you ever want to find out who the people are that live in your town, have a deliberative session. 

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