Thursday, February 5, 2015

Grandpa Quinn

It has been so long since I last heard your voice, kissed your cheek or was embraced by your loving arms.  You used to call me your 'little angel'.  I am so thankful that you my angel looking over me and cheering me on.  These last 26 years have been filled with ups and downs, joys and heartbreaks, stress and calm.  O how I wish my children could have met you and known you.  They only know you through me.  This is what I tell them about you...

God -fearing
Family man
Loved grandma with all his heart
Sings with joy
Plays the piano like no other...could not read music but could play by ear
Gargled everyday with Listerine -
Always whistling a different tune
Joyful laugh
Would stay up with me to watch the end of Sound of Music
Loved to take walks
Spoiled his grandchildren with love, not material things
Irish all the way
My Hero

I love and miss you Grandpa.

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