Saturday, February 28, 2015


Well....I can honestly say that I didn't work on some of my goals this month.  Why?  Too tired, never got around to working on them, did other things, etc.  In other words, too many excuses and not enough determination.

My Goals:

Read Scriptures Daily:  I didn't read them everyday, but I did read them.  Reading mostly takes place during the evening hours and on the weekends.  Sometimes I read a few chapters at a time and only a chapter other times.

Keep a Journal:  I did not write once in my journal this month.

Work on Stress and Anxiety:  Wasn't as stressed this month.  The only time anxiety really hit was on meeting nights and a few other times during February.  I would say that February was a good month.

New Interests:  Didn't work on any.

Crochet:  Never picked up a hook.

Blog More:  11 posts this month

Family Goals:

Better Eating Habits:   A little bit better this month.  Samantha has actually fixed dinner a couple of times and it was very good.  (Chicken and Rice with vegetables).  We had healthy meals  and not so healthy meals but it seems to be swinging more to the healthy side.

Outdoor Activities:  Too cold for most of the month.  Nick actually went outside almost everyday this past week.

Read Scriptures Together:  We don't read as a family, but we do read individually.

Clean House:  Much better this month.  Sam attacked the bedroom and you can actually see the floor :)

Work on Construction of House:  This is on hold until the weather breaks.

What goals will be met and what will not in March?  I'll let you know in a month.

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