Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Wrap-up

It has been a while that a Friday Wrap-up has been done and so I thought...what a great way to start the year :)
The kids are back to lessons after taking 3 weeks off.  I have to say that this week went better than I anticipated.  Usually I hear grumbles and whining.  It is safe to say that Nick and Sam were ready to get back to the grindstone of lessons.

Morning Lessons:
  • Copy work - the kids have been practicing their cursive writing by using exercises that I downloaded from the internet.  They work on one sheet a day and I am very pleased with their progress.
  • Spelling - They are using a software program that I bought (Sequential Spelling 2) and working at their own pace.  Nick is starting to get challenged and it shows with his daily lessons.  He is getting a little frustrated but is taking it in stride.  Sam hasn't made any complaints, but I am sure once she gets to Nick's level, she might.  Other than that, all is good.
  • Book of Mormon - Nick and Sam are reading at their own pace and are doing a great job!
  • Reading - Everyday, the kids are to read 1/2 an hour of any book of their choosing.  They are each working on a chapter book.
  • Science - This is something new that started this week.  Both Nick and Sam had a voice in the decision and they are working in 'Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures' (Nick) and 'Exploring Creation with Zoology 3: Land Animals' (Sam).  They worked on Lesson 1 in their perspective books and did a great job.  
  • Handwriting - Again, this is something new that started this week.  The curriculum that Nick and Sam are using is called 'Jump-In'.  So far, I am very pleased and I think the kids are enjoying this curriculum much better than 'Cover Story'. Less confusing and better to understand.
Evening Lessons:
  • Math - This week, Nick and Sam started Life of Fred: Fractions.  We all do the math together.  I know that the student is supposed to read the chapter and do the problem, but I have found that working together helps each other learn.  I am not that great with fractions, so this is a win-win for all of us.
  • History - we are still working in Mystery of History, Vol 1.  We are half way through quarter 2 and am hoping that we can finish this volume by the end of the 2014/2015 year (end of April).  The kids have been enjoying each lesson.
Besides doing lessons, Nick and Sam also had chores to work on each day.  Once everything was completed, lessons and chores, the kids had free time. They spent it separating legos by color, started building 'Hogwarts', played 'Harry Potter Lego Game', played a few board games ('10 Days through Europe' and 'Doodle Dice'), read, watched a few movies, helped with the chickens, errands with dad, and had fun.

A busy and fun week.  How was yours?

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