Saturday, August 16, 2014

A look back at our week

This past week was our 9th week of lessons.  I decided to put "Cover Story" aside for a while and try something different.  This is what the kid's week consisted of:
  • Copy work - kids continuing with their cursive writing and doing a very good job
  • Spelling 2 - this is coming along fine and I can see improvement on a daily basis
  • Unit Study - Before the week started, I asked Nick and Sam what they wanted to learn about.  Nick said he wanted to learn about moles (the animal) and Sam said she wanted to learn about raccoons.  When we visited the library last Saturday, I made sure I checked out enough material for their unit studies.  Each day, Nick and Sam worked on worksheets (made by myself) and learned to research their perspective animal.  They did great!
  • Reading - 1/2 hour daily - Nick read a chapter book and Sam read many different books
  • Life of Fred - We completed 'Kidney' and started 'Liver'.  These books are the intermediate level
  • Mystery of History - Learned about Israelites in Slavery and the Shang Dynasty.  The kids also took the "What did you learn?" test 6 and "What do you know?" pretest 7.
  • Daily care of Chickens - water, feed, cleaned out coop and played with the chickens
  • Library - Visited both the Grafton Library and Canaan Library. Played with a friend and visited with our favorite librarians
  • Raptor Night - Scott, the kids and I went to the Canaan Meeting House to see a presentation of Raptors:  Birds of Prey.  We learned about a Red-Tailed Hawk, Sparrow Hawk and a Great Horned Owl.
  • A lot of outside play
 A small glimpse of our week.  Now to plan for our next week of lessons.

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