Thursday, July 31, 2014

Farewell July

I cannot believe that today is July 31st.  It just began yesterday.  What did we do to make the time go so fast?  Well...
  • Samantha participated in the Summer Reading Program that was hosted by Canaan Town Library.  
  • July 12th was our town's independence day celebration.  Yes, we do things a bit late around here ;)
  • Had a new chicken coop delivered.  Samantha posted a bit about it on her blog.
  • Purchased two guinea hens...Not sure why, as they like to fly and I do not like to be around flying birds that fly to close to me. ( a fear of mine)
  • Ice-Cream social at Canaan Town Library to celebrate the ending of the Summer Reading Program
  • 4 weeks of lessons - more on that in the next post
  • Work, work and more work
  • Rain storms and pleasant, not too many humid, days
  • Playing with the Chickens
  • Blackie's 5th birthday.  He is a pretty special little guy :)

A busy, fun month!

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