Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What's 40 more? update

A little over three weeks ago, a friend of ours gave us 41 chicken eggs to hatch.  Scott and I dutifully set up the incubator and placed all 41 eggs in their cozy, warm home.  After a week, Scott and I candled the eggs and ended up throwing out 3.  We then had 38 eggs. 

This past weekend was the 'hatching' weekend.  After much anticipation on the part of our children, only 3 eggs hatched.  Unfortunately, one of the new chicks died.  Samantha named this sweet little chick "Jennie" and we had a funeral Sunday morning.

We have two healthy little chicks that will be returning to our friends house and in exchange, Scott and I are going to try to hatch more eggs.  This time, we are going to try "dry incubation" and see what happens. 

On another chicken update: 

One of our hens is not doing very well.  We think she is egg bound as she has been brooding since Sunday night.  We are keeping an eye on her but have prepared the kids that this hen may not be with us much longer.

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