Monday, February 3, 2014

Unintentional Break

Have you ever been so busy and stressed out that you unintentionally left something behind?  That's what happened the last couple of weeks with this blog.  Work has been crazy hectic since the 17th of January and I am now getting a little reprieve before March.
I work as an administrative assistant for the Board of Selectmen in our small town.  The responsibilities that I have can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful, especially this time of year.  Our small town is getting ready for its annual vote and with that comes the budget prep (filling out paperwork for the budget committee), warrant articles (money and petition) and the warrant.  These are all voted on and getting them ready takes time. On top of that I also prepared the W2's and 1099's.  Deadlines are tough, especially when they sneak up on you! 
Getting through January was tough, but I did it.  I am looking forward to a quieter February so I can gear up for March, April and May (more busy months in the office).

As for the kids and their lessons...

They have been keeping up with spelling, copywork, reading, history, math, science and fun.  I'll give a better update in a couple of days.

Until then...Happy Monday :) 

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