Friday, January 17, 2014

Lesson Look-back

This week, Nick and Sam learned/worked on the following:
  • Copy Work
  • Spelling
  • Reading 1/2 hour daily.  Both Nick and Sam have been reading in chapter books this week.  They have a goal to read at least one chapter book a month.  I can tell you that they exceed this goal each month!
  • Math - this week the kids learned about Pythagoras.  He started the first math school with one student.  We will be expanding on Pythagoras later in Life of Fred.  Speaking of Life of Fred, the kids worked on ch. 16 in the farming book.
  • History - the kids learned about young George Washington before he became a General.  The kids also learned a little bit about the French and Indian War, Acadia and what countries used to have claims on America
  • Computer Time - 1/2 hour daily
  • Delight Directed - lego fun, reading, drawing and writing
  • Daily care of Chickens - here are some pictures that the kids took today.  The chickens are just over 16 weeks old...






Have a great weekend :)

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  1. I LOVE chickens.
    they have good eggs.
    how are your chickens oh and i have a blog called squirrel's thoughts:)