Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year from the Coop

It has been a while since I last updated about the chicks.  So without further are a few pictures of our chicks at 14 weeks old.

 Robin - the friendliest of the hens.  Will perch on your arm all day if you let her.

 Licorice is doing great.  Her awkward wing is now fully grown.  She is the skittish one of the bunch and does not like to be held or loud noises.

 Beakie is doing better.  His bad eye is not swollen anymore, but he did lose it.  His crown is starting to grow but not his tail feathers.
 Charlotte is also friendly and quiet. She is very photogenic too!

Sunshine is the friendlies of the Roos.  He likes to be pet on his chest and back.  He doesn't come out of the coop too much.

The remaining chicks that are not pictured are:  Cuddles (roo) and Lily (hen).  Cuddles is a bit aggressive and Lily takes after him.  
This brings our count to 7.  We did have 8 but gave Goldenrod (roo) to a friend of ours.  Goldenrod was very aggressive and we did not want to him to keep pecking at the kids.

Right now the chicks are in our garage because of the very cold weather.  As soon as the weather breaks (February/March) the chicks will be outside in the nice fresh air. 

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