Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Look Back at our Goals for 2013

I can't believe it is already December 31, 2013!

The goals that I posted for 2013 were:
  • Read Scriptures Daily
  • Read a chapter book each month - Nick and Sam
  • Nick and Sam to expand on their individual interests
  • Be a mentor to Nick and Sam
  • Move upstairs to new living space
How did we do?

I did not read my scriptures on a daily basis.  I did read them throughout the year and read from the KJV Bible, Book of Mormon and Ensign magazines.

Nick and Sam did reach their goal and even read more than I asked.

Both Nick and Sam focused on their individual interests and it was very interesting to see their interests change throughout the year

Mentoring the kids was a bit more difficult that I thought.  Work and other things seemed to get in the way.

We did not move upstairs.  A lot more needs to be done.

What are the goals for our family in 2014?

  • Read Scriptures Daily - instead of myself, I am going to encourage the whole family to read and study the scriptures (Bible, Book of Mormon, Ensign, Living Scriptures DVD's) daily
  • Read a chapter book each month - this will be a continuation for Nick and Sam.  They enjoy reading and if they can read more than one chapter book a month, than that is a plus :)
  • Mentor Nick and Sam - both Scott and I need to make it a point to mentor our children.  We also will be looking for people outside our family to mentor our children.
  • Finish the outside of our house (siding) and work on getting the heating system put in place for the new living space upstairs
  • Monthly Budgets - This goal is mainly for Scott and I to work on together.  We are debt free, but a monthly budget will help us to see where our income is going and how we can put some in savings.
 Farewell 2013!!!
Looking for to 2014!!!

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