Wednesday, September 25, 2013

After 21 days...

...we have chicks!!!  We started out with 12 eggs, but ended up with 8 chicks.

This is the first one born.  Samantha named it 'Robin'

The second born is 'Golden Rod' for now. 

The third one born is 'Licorice' aka 'Licker'.  Before he/she hatched, its little tongue was going in and out through the hole in the egg.  As you can see, this little chick has some bald spots where the downy feathers have not developed.  Licorice was also born with one good wing and a short little wing...kind of like "Nemo".  We were not quite sure if it would make it through the night, but...

Here are 'Robin', 'Golden Rod', and 'Licorice' cuddling up together for a good nights sleep.  'Licorice' did make it through the night and is doing really good.

The remaining 5 chicks hatched today and they pretty much have the same coloring.  They are not all named as we have not seen their personalities yet.  Although, I can say that one of them has been nick-named 'Clumsy'.  For some reason, Clumsy ends up on its back, spread eagle, and is unable to get turned around without help.

Here is a good picture of 'Robin' (at the bottom), 'Licorice' and 'Golden Rod' (top)

Welcome to the world little ones :)

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