Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday Drive (without pictures)

Yesterday, we went for a drive.  We left at 9:30am and got home around 6pm.  Where did we go?  What did we see that was interesting/crazy/fun? 

To answer the first question, our main goal was to visit 'Grady's' grave-site.  'Grady' is Scott's mom.  She died 9 years ago this past June.  The kids were quite small at the time (Nick was 2 and Sam was 9 months old). When Nick was first learning how to talk, we were trying to get him to say 'Grandma' but 'Grady' was the word he could say and from that time on...'Grandma' became 'Grady'.  We made it to the grave-site and we spent about a 1/2 hour walking around and looking at the dates on nearby headstones. 

The rest of the drive was seeing the sites and trying to find Scott's cousins.  We never found them but had fun looking. 

On the way home, we decided to take the kids through the tunnel in Boston.  They had never been in one and we thought they would find it interesting.  If you have never been to Boston, this tunnel goes under the bay and the city.  When we told the kids about the tunnel, Sam says, 'We better roll up the windows or the water will come in.' Scott and I chuckled at her statement and explained that we are not going in the water, but under the water.  The kids loved the tunnel and wanted to go through again!  Both Scott and I said, "NO!".  We are not tunnel fans and really did not want to turn around to go through again.

It was a long drive but a good day spent together as a family. The kids did great and hardly squabbled :) The only complaint that was made came from Sam.  Her complaint...her butt hurt because she sat so long. 

Perhaps we will take another Sunday Drive...who knows where we will travel.

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