Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Frederick the Fish

Yesterday, our next door neighbor offered us some fresh caught trout.  I told him that I would take a couple, even though we are not fish eaters in our house.  Samantha has been fascinated with the fish and wanted to study them a little bit.  So today, while 2 of the 5 fish were grilling, Samantha had fun with 'Frederick'

As you can see, Frederick was already cleaned out. (thank goodness for that!)

 A face shot which then led to the question...Do fish have tongues?

I had Samantha open Frederick's mouth and yes, there is what looks like a tongue.  This picture is a bit blurry, but we also found out that the tongue has little spikes on the end of it.  Probably to help it eat.  Also, Frederick has little tiny teeth too!

Samantha thought the back fin was pretty interesting.  She was able to move it in and out like a fan.

Samantha also found out that Frederick is quite flexible and also has a spine.  She was moving the fish from side to side and could imagine it swimming in the water.

You can't observe a fish without feeling the inside.  Samantha is holding one side open and she felt the inside of Frederick.  She said that it felt rough.

The following are the observations that Samantha dictated to me:
  • The tongue and teeth are sharp
  • Back fin can be pushed back and forth like a fan
  • Appears to be a rainbow trout
  • Eyes feel like peeled grapes and the black stud (center of eye) doesn't change
  • Dorsal fin feels gooey
  • Top of the head is green
  • The scales are shiney
  • Under the gills are what appears to be the lungs
  • When rubbing the fish toward the head, the skin feels soft. 
  • When rubbing the fish toward the tail, the skin feels rough
  • No scales on the head
  • Fish have noses.  Samantha noticed nose holes near the point over the mouth opening
  • Frederick is slippery and flexible
  • The bump down the middle of the back feels like the spine
 After spending about 1/2 hour with Frederick, Samantha tried some of the grilled trout and came to the conclusion that eating trout is not that great.

Nick did participate a little bit.  He really wasn't to keen on handling the fish.  He observed from a distance.

Thank you Frederick!  We had fun learning from you :)

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