Tuesday, April 9, 2013

On My Nightstand

I have this nice little nightstand that seems to get cluttered with many different things...books, magazine, pictures from my kids, DVD's, etc.  I do have a stack of books/magazines that I am either reading, planning to read or have read.  And they are the following:

Currently Reading
  • The Civil War Volume One: A Narrative -  Fort Sumpter to Perryville by Shelby Foote (I am just into chapter 2 ((very long chapters)) and am thoroughly enjoying reading about this time in our history.)
  • Ensign Magazine - April 2013 issue.  Love love love this magazine
  • Book of Mormon - I am currently reading the book of Mosiah and am on chapter 12.
Planning to Read
  • The 5 Money Personalities by Scott and Bethany Palmer
  • Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America by Mark R. Levin
 Have Read
  • Free to Learn: five ideas for a joyful unschooling life by Pam Laricchia - I was going to write a review but wanted to re-read the book.  Some great information that I need to absorb as I am starting to plan for the next school year.
So, what is on your nightstand???

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