Friday, April 26, 2013

Final Week of 2012/2013 School Year :)

Today was our official last day of our 2012/2013 school year and yet it seems like yesterday we just started the year.  This was the plan when the kids started the year.  The following is how everything turned out:
  • Math started out strong but slid to a crawl once we hit January.  To change things up a bit, I turned to Life With Fred  - Edgewood and had the kids read a lot of living math books. 
  • Spelling also started strong at the beginning and then, again, slid to a stop.  Changing things up again, I ordered Sequential Spelling 1 to have on hand.  This didn't help much, but it is here just in case.
  • Reading was a success for both Nick and Sam.  I set a goal for each of read at least 1 chapter book a month.  They went above and beyond that goal.  
  • Delight Directed:  A lot of sewing, knitting, cooking, building with legos, reading, creating spaceships, painting, writing and illustrating books, etc.
I am not sure how long our break will be.  Sam indicated that she wants to take two weeks off and Nick wants the whole month of May off.  We will see.    

Nick has completed his end-of-year evaluation and Sam will complete hers this weekend.  In NH, we have a couple of options for end-of-year evaluations...portfolio review, standardized testing, or making arrangements to have an oral review.  This year I chose the standardized test (CAT-5), which can be administered at home.  I will be mailing in the tested material next Monday and will wait patiently for the results.  

A project was started this past week...building a chicken coop with dad.  We are planning on getting chickens and will be raising them from eggs on up.  This will be a great learning experience for all of us. 

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