Friday, November 16, 2012

Looking Back on Week 21

Last week I skipped updating the kid's learning week. A lot was going on and tiredness took over.  The kids did their regular reading, computer time and movie time.  They also started a science project to determine how long a piece of bread turns moldy.

This week, the kids did the following:
  • Nick worked in his Vocabulary Cartoons book.  
  • Both Nick and Sam started working in their math workbooks.  
  • We all played several games of Yahtzee.  Great math practice for both Nick and Sam.
  • Computer Time
  • Movie Time
  • They made me birthday cards
  • Sam helped with preparing meals
  • Nick made a transformer figure out of legos
  • Sam worked on a knitting project
  • Nick finished reading another chapter book about Albert Einstein
  • Both Nick and Sam did some copy work from books they have read and even illustrated their pages
Tomorrow is our weekly visit to the library and we will probably do some sort of baking project.

Hope your week was as fun as ours.

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