Friday, November 23, 2012

Looking Back on Week 22

This week was a definite unschool week.  I will just list the activities that Nick and Sam did this week:
  • Read Books
  • Artwork (Nick)
  • Played card games and Yahtzee
  • Made Pancakes (Sam)
  • Helped dad make dinner (Sam)
  • Listened to an audio book about Abraham Lincoln
  • Watched several episodes of Little House on the Prairie Season 3
  • Watched School House Rock
  • Checked on the Science experiment - seeing how long a piece of bread becomes moldy.  The bread is in a jar with a lid that has a couple of holes.  The bread has a few moldy spots and is also drying out.  Nick and I had a conversation about his findings
  • Hiked in the woods and found animal tracks (deer and possible coyote)
  • Helped keep the house clean
  • Nick and Sam helped me make pumpkin pies
  • Nick, Sam and I put together a 550 piece puzzle.  Took a lot of patience for Nick and Sam to focus on finishing the puzzle.  In fact, they didn't want to go to bed last night until it was finished. 
Tomorrow we visit the library.  Looking forward to seeing what books they check out this week.

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