Saturday, October 27, 2012

Looking Back on Week 19

After taking a week off, the kids are back to learning new and fun things.  I actually had lesson plans for them this week, but left it up to them as to how they would go about the activities.  Yes, we are still leaning on the 'Unschooling' side of things, but sometimes a schedule helps  to set off ideas.  So with that, the following is what Nick and Sam did this past week:
  • Nick read "Who Was Roald Dahl?" in 2 days as well as some graphic novels and Sam read quite a few picture books. 
  • For math, Nick did a few problems from a Pythagorus math book about ratios and also did circumference and radius problems.  Sam drew geometric shapes and wrote out some addition problems.  Scott took the kids to K-Mart this week and they were able to spend some of their money as well as figure out how much they could spend.
  • They did some reading about history past.  Sam read about renaissance art and Nick read about Russian immigrants
  • The kids also read about science.  Nick is reading 'Who Was Albert Einstein?' and Sam read about the Human Body
  • Besides computer time, the kids watched 'Drive Thru History'.  Love these videos!!!
  • Today was library day and Sam did some volunteer work which she thought was awesome.
  • Scott took the kids outside to practice target shooting.  Nick's targets were water bottles and Sam's was her pumpkin.  They had a great time.
  • Virtual field-trip to Alaska thanks to my parents :)  (see previous post)
Have a great weekend :)

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