Friday, October 12, 2012

Looking Back on Week 18

Another week has come and gone.  Learning may not be 'formal' but it is still learning:
  • Computer time - the kids happened onto a game about Jack and Annie.  These are the characters from the Magic Tree House series.  
  • Reading - a lot of graphic novels were read this week as well as a few math books
  • P.E.and Math all in one - Scott and the kids walked about a mile, each way, from our house to my work.  I was pleasantly surprised to see my son running up the steps and into my office.  The kids timed their walk and have figured out that it takes them about 25 minutes each way.  
  • Both the kids and I worked on a few small puzzles.  When I say small, I mean 100 piece puzzles.
  • Nick has figured out how to attach all of his transformers to make one transformer.  He has been working on this little project for about 3 days 
  • Meal preparations - both kids have been helping in the kitchen recently and we have plans to do some baking this weekend
  • Library (this will be taking place tomorrow)
Have a great weekend!

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