Sunday, October 7, 2012

Looking Back on Week 17

Week 17 has been an all Unschooling week.  Seems as though we are moving into the Unschooling World and I am ok with it.  To be honest, I have had some reservations about it and have had some sleepless nights on wondering if this is the right way to go.  My children are happier, able to freely choose what they are interested in learning and are having fun. 

The following is what they learned about this week:
  • Sequential Spelling (Nick did 8 lessons and Sam did 1)
  • Reading (chapters books and several math books)
  • Living Math exercise (another trip to Wal-Mart to spend birthday money.  Both kids had to figure out how much they could spend and find items within that price range)
  • HomeEc (helped in the kitchen with cooking meals)
  • Sam had Nick teach her how to transform Nick's transformers
  • Responsibility - Both kids are learning to be responsible with their library books.
  • Computer Time
  • Movie Time
  • Serving Others - we have helped two friends who are out of town by looking in on things and making sure pets are fed.
A great week! 

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