Friday, September 14, 2012

Looking Back at Week 14

Week 14 ended up being an unschooling week.  I love the fact that homeschooling gives our family a chance to see what works and what doesn't.

This week, the kids did the following:
  • Read books about math
  • Painted
  • Samantha helped fix pancakes for dinner one night
  • Nickolas worked on writing and illustrating books on superheros
  • Watched a documentary on the Titanic
  • Worked on a sample DVD of sequential spelling
  • Went Horse Back Riding
  • Held Chickens
  • Helped with the scrap metal 
  • Computer time each day
Today I read the following book to the kids and I highly recommend it to all...

This book is geared towards pre-teens and teens, but my kids (age 9 and 7) really enjoyed this book.  I purchased it because I knew that we would be studying the Constitution pretty soon.

This weekend we will be visiting the grocery store, library and bank, as well as baking something yummy per the request of Sam and Nick. Always learning!

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